We are a social enterprise with over 120 members&supporters. Founded in 1996, Solarbaba is followed by around 2m+ people on monthly basis and we are focused on cleantech with a particular interest for solar.

Our main field of activity is to develop and implement social responsibility projects and thus raise awareness of cost effective, clean and sustainable solutions for today’s global problems.

Our target is: %100 Renewables in 2050.

Solarbaba Team

Ates Ugurel was born in Istanbul. After he was graduated from Istanbul Erkek Lisesi, he was graduated from Bogazici University - Chemical Engineering bachelor program and then continued to master and doctorate program in Environmental Sciences at the same university.

Ugurel has only worked on solar electricity throughout his life and has signed a large number of solar power plant installations in Turkey.

He is the founder and former president of the Turkish Solar Energy Industry Association (GENSED), as well as being the Founder of Solarbaba.

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Basak Cagla Efe was born in Istanbul. She was graduated from Bahcesehir University - Faculty of Engineering and Natural Science, Department of Energy Systems Engineering bachelor program in 2015.

During her undergraduate education, she continued to deal with other renewable energy branches such as Solid Waste Management, Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant, Field Engineering, and Electricity Sales. She has done her internships in the field of energy in institutional firms such as Hexagon Solid Waste, EnerjiSA and Ipragaz and she has worked as EBS Project Specialist (Business Analyst) in CLK Energy from 2015 until the end of August, 2016.

Cagla is a team member of Solarbaba as a "General Coordinator".

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Dilan Oral was born in Ankara. In 2011, she started to study at Eskisehir Anadolu University - Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Business Administration and she continued her education at the University of León in Spain in 2013 with the Eramus Student Exchange program. She was graduated from Anadolu University in 2016 and in the same year, she was admitted to the University of Athens and started the Southeast European Studies master program at the Faculty of Politics and Economics.

She intensified her work on energy economics and energy politics, thanks to the interdisciplinary nature of the education she received at the University of Athens and she was graduated in 2017 with a thesis study covering renewable energy, climate change and environmental issues.

Dilan is a team member of Solarbaba as a "Digital Content Manager".

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Ozge Kundakci was born in Ankara. She has lived in many cities in Turkey because of her profession of family and because of that she has been recognized many different cultures. She started to study in Istanbul Technical University - Department of Architecture in 2005 and then started living in Istanbul. After finishing her undergraduate degree, she started her master education in the Department of Environmental Control and Building Technology at the same university. She wrote a thesis on this subject by carrying out various studies on reducing energy expenditures.

She is interested in sustainability, clean energy sources, active and passive climate systems, and reduction of carbon emissions. Her biggest detention is to make people aware of this issue and to support the world in becoming more ecological, conscious and environmentally sensitive.

Ozge is a team member of Solarbaba as an "MSc. Architect".

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