– Solar Vision
We organize each year a special international networking conference supported by a customized exhibition about the future of solar energy.

– Solar Guide
We are working on a solar guide which covers popular questions about solar energy and their answers. This guide will be distributed to all potential users and decision makers.

– Solar House
Our plan is to construct 100x ecological buildings in various cities powered solely by solar. The main purpose is education and to create a showcase for new solar technology and products.

– Solar App
We are working on developing our own App for iOS and Android mobile phones. Via this special mobile application users will have the chance of making a basic solar simulation and receive the latest news promptly.

– Solar Bank
Via innovative financial models such as renewable energy cooperatives or crowd-funding, we provide an interface for our readers to become a small solar power plant investor.

Solar Tour
– Solar Bus:Together with leading industrial designers, we design a special Solarbaba electrical bus which will tour to many cities and provide on-field solar training and education.

Solar Street
– Solar Street:SolarStreet is a tailor made exhibition for 30x premium local and global solar players. A solar conference strengthens the output of the SolarStreet.

– Solar Design
Wearable solar, small scale end-user solar products, city furnitures powered by solar energy are among many solutions we create for public awareness. We collaborate with leading design institutes.

– Solar Campaign
We mention about the great benefits that solar energy has provided to our country and the world at large, especially via our social media channels, and we design and distribute video-infographic and promotional products.

– Solar Rooftop
Rooftops is still a huge untapped resource for new PV installations. We are organizing dedicated events for solving the existing problems. Our “100 Celebrities & 100 SolarRoofs” project will spread awareness for this segment.