– Solar Vision:
We organize a special event about digital future, e-mobility, smart buildings, blockchain and storage.

– Solar Guide: We write and publish a solar guide both in hard-cover and in e-format for frequently asked solar questions.

– Solar App: We develop a special mobile software to share our news with our readers.

– Solar Rooftop: Each year, we organize a dedicated conference for solar rooftops.

– Solar Bank: We provide our readers the opportunity to become a micro investor via various crowdfunding and community solar projects.

– Solar Roadshow: We tour different cities and countries via our specially designed e-bus powered by solar to spread awareness for renewables.

– Solar Street: Each year in November, leading solar companies meet in Solar Street Ankara-Turkey, a special exhibition area for our members.

– Solar Magazine: Printed and distributed 4 times per year, we publish a special cleantech magazine.

– Solar Campaign: We create and implement various social campaigns for renewables.

– Solar 100: Together with the support of our members, we realize a micro solar power plant installation on the roofs of various NGO’s to spread solar awareness.

– Solar Pazar: We create a market place between the solar buyers and sellers.

– Solar Design: We design solar powered city furnitures and garden products for our readers.

– Solar Center: We design and build a special zero energy building, powered solely by solar, for educational activities and events.